Practice concept paper

Write a 3 pages research paper that addresses the following points (A & B):

A) Two Practice-Specific Concepts

  • Identify and discuss on at least two concepts specific to the practice of a cardiac nurse.
  • Define the concepts and provide appropriate documentation on how they are used in your personal practice.

B) List of Propositions

  • Number at least five propositions or assumption statements that clearly connect the concepts described. Demonstrate consistency between the concept and the assumptions 
  • Explain with examples how these assumptions illustrate the concepts in a manner, which further clarified your use of the conceptual material.

For further explanation: Below, there are some used concepts in my practice with some examples:

  1. monitoring :e.g. EKG, pharmacological effects of vasopressors, lab values,vital signs,  physical assessment, complications
  2. prevention: through teaching, annual checkups, managing risk factors of heart diseases 
  3. caring: e.g support families in crisis, patient’s advocate and counselor
  4. cultural competence

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